Official Inspection Tour of the Ag. Head Of Service to Fish Estates

In a bid to ensure quality and affordable housing for the Public Servants in the country the Ag. Head of Civil Service of the Federation Dr. Folashade Yemi – Esan  visited some of the FISH Estates namely Multikay property limited, Kurudu, Minanuel Investment Limited, Karu, The Solutionist Limited, Karshi all in FCT, Abuja to assess the level of work done and its quality.

She was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, (Common Services Office) Dr. Bakari Wadinga, Permanent Secretary (SPSO/ SWO)   Dr . Ajani  Magdelene  , Director Federal Integrated Staff Housing(FISH) Department Mr. Emmanuel Otu and other top Government officials in the Office of the Head of Service(HOS).

At the site of the Estates visited the HOS urged the Real Estate Developers of the FISH Estates to endeavour to abide by the building codes and procedur standard to ensure delivery of good quality and affordable houses for Public Servants.


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