Step 5: Negotiation Meetings

  • The FISH Department having been satisfied with the genuineness of the Titles and Report of the Site Inspection by the Technical Team, will invite the Developer to a Negotiation Meeting with the FISH Negotiation Committee to discuss the House Prices and Terms and Conditions for their participation in the FISH Programme.
  • The Committee will negotiate the prices of the House types with the Developer using the FISH House Pricing Template. Other issues that will be considered at the Negotiation Meeting include:
    • Number/Types of proposed Houses to be delivered to FISH
    • Period for the delivery of the proposed houses
    • Payment Options/Arrangement
    • Modalities for Off-take mobilization
    • Schedule of Visits to Sites by intending subscribers
  • All interactions between the Developer and intending subscribers is to be facilitated by the FISH Department. The FISH Dept will not take any responsibility arising from any agreement between the two parties(Developer/Off-taker) without the knowledge or consent of the FISH Department.


The FISH Programme does not provide any Off-Take Guarantee(s) or Bankable Guarantee(s) to Developers. Intending Subscribers make choices of House Types and Developer’s Estate based on personal preferences.  However, the FISH Department will  ensure that  such  applications are profiled and are in line with the approved FISH Categorization Template  for Civil Servants.


 The FISH Programme operates flexible payment options for houses, based on one-on-one negotiation with each Developer. The following are acceptable payment options in the programme  either from FGSHLB* or FMBN**:

[table id=1 /]

**FGSHLB- Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board
*FMBN – Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria